Went in last week –


Not an entirely impressive or illuminating photo – there’s two rows of it in just to the right of the leeks.

The less said about that red kale the better, I think. Though it did a damn sight better than the over-wintering caulis, the PSB, and the red cabbage, which were devoured at various stages of their development by slugs and snails. The leeks look as though they may provide a meal or two before they go to seed, at least.

I’ve added some of the spent growbag compost to the soil there, hopefully that’ll improve both the soil and this year’s crops a little.

Off to see if there’s any potatoes left in the garden centre shortly, and see if I can get hold of a small bag of lime for my shallots and peas. The tattie patch currently looks like this –


I’m hoping to get at least as much again dug before it’s time for them to go in, but we’ll see.


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