A little bit of knitting

So, here’s the swallowtail I’m knitting as a gift, minus the couple of repeats I managed to get done last night in front of a bit of Danger Man and Kolchak.


I’m enjoying this so far – the Budding Lace section is simple enough to remember during the row, and at the moment I’m thinking that this will definitely be done in time for the intended recipient’s birthday. Of course, I haven’t reached the infamous nupps yet. I’ve not done more than a quick skim-read ahead, as I don’t want to spend the entire pattern worrying about what’s coming up – I’m staying positive and telling myself that whatever happens, it’s just knitting, and I can knit. (And google.)

And here’s the hat I finished –


It’s from the two balls of handdyed handspun I blogged back in August, here and here, which I ended up naming Americana and Jester. I was umming and aahing about what to make with so little yarn, and supposed that the two would probably combine reasonably well, what with them being dyed at the same time, with the same kinds of dye. That’s two of my ‘what on earth am I going to do with these tiny bits of yarn?’ balls sorted – I’ve got about half of the red/blue left, too, but I’ve found that the white shetland that I spun up on the Louet is a similar weight, so I might use the remainder of it with that.

As a pattern, this hat’s as basic as they come, but I think it turned out well, and the little one seems pleased with it.


My spinning’s going better than it was.. I’ll blog about that when I’ve finished up the second bobbin. I’m pretending for the moment that I’ve completely forgotten about that there snapped single that’s going to stop my plying running entirely smoothly when I come to do it.


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