Trials and tribulations


I’m through the first half of my fibre. This first single has been a rollercoaster ride, right down to the obligatory yelling and screaming and waving of hands in the air (scream if you try and go faster?). Somewhere deep within this bobbin lurks a well-hidden, presumably deeply embedded, snapped end, which I’m fairly certain will return to taunt me later when I come to ply. If you listen carefully I swear you can hear it chuckling to itself and rubbing its hands.

And while that bobbin looks messy in the photo above, zooming out a little…


…reveals the full extent of the dog’s breakfast I made of it learning curve I’m currently travelling along. I’ve still not had a good search about in the forums on ravelry, so I’m still not entirely sure what causes a bobbin to wind tightly (or otherwise).

Last night I started on the second half… I don’t have any pics, let’s just say it’s not gone well so far. I spent about two hours spinning what would likely have taken me less than half an hour with the spindle, and have a sorry pile of broken singles roughly equal to the amount I managed to get onto the bobbin.

So.. time to stop and do a little more reading up. At this point the only things I’m certain of are how to make the wheel go round and round, and where the woolly bits need to go. I can only guess at what’s controlling things like amount of twist, and take-up.

There’s a nagging voice in the back of my head – it sounds a bit like Ren Hoek. It’s saying ‘stop trying to spin singles as thin as the ones you spindle on your second attempt ever with this wheel, you eeeeeeeediot.’

I don’t care – I’m convinced that it’s possible, that I can do it, and that there’s a reasonably simple explanation out there as to how, I just need to discover it. And then master it. And you can just call me Stimpson J. Dunbar.

I can’t really use the wheel during the day anyway, but I’ve had plenty of knitting to keep me busy and cause me to further neglect the spindling (which currently only seems to get worked with when I’ve stuck the kids in the bath). I’ve an almost-FO which has been waiting on some polyester stuffing coming in the post –

flat benzene!

A benzene ring. And I’m almost there with the other two molecules I’ve been asked to do, ethanol and acetone. Got a couple of carbon balls left to knock up, and about half a dozen of the sticks. There’s been a lot of grey and white knitting going on, and I have to admit the oxygen atoms were a welcome blob of colour.


And the postie just brought me the second ball of grey and the big bag of stuffing I needed to get them all finished up, wahey.


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