Lucky for me, the other half finds the sound of my spinning wheel as soothing and vaguely hypnotic as I do.


So far, my wheelspun stuff’s not turned out vastly thicker than my spindle spun after all. And being a learner (not to mention discovering that Louet S10s are a bit on the grabby side – which has led to me lacing up the swift like crazy and leaving the brake band completely slack, in an attempt to cope with it) it took me a while before I got up to at-least-as-quick-as-the-spindle speed. I think I might’ve even got beyond that, in the last couple of days.

I’ve not totally mastered rejoining the single to the fluff… the last time I had to do it I ended up losing the majority of my previous, albeit short, sitting’s worth of singles. As far as I can tell this is due to the twist escaping somehow further up near the hooks, and the whole thing just drifts apart. And then I shout at it.


That lump of single sat on the side of the swift there is a good indication of how much falls by the wayside if I have to rejoin – though thankfully that’s not happening so much at the moment, as I seem to have hit a bit of a groove. It’s made me a bit loath to change the position of the lacing across the hooks though, which I think might have had something to do with this –


It’s gone all baggy on one side, see? (the white single on the right there is what was left over on one bobbin after plying my first attempt with the wheel, I lazily left it on there, figuring it’d make a handy leader anyway). Not sure if that matters, and I’m quite pleased with the evenness of this single so far… I might ask on ravelry if it’s essential that my bobbin is all neat and tidy and tightly wound.

I’m thinking about buying a pair of hand carders from somewhere quite soon, for various reasons – I’d like to have a go at preparing my own blends, plus there’s the complimentary dollop of angora that came with the Louet sitting upstairs – not to mention the three and a half pounds of unknown sheepy fleece I bought at least five years ago from ebay that I finally feel able to at least attempt tackling. I bought it before I’d even thought about buying anything to actually spin it with, and got as far as washing it, and then got massively intimidated by its big ol’ woolly vm-speckled self…




Looking at it now, I don’t think I managed to felt it during washing (and my god, the dirt that came out of it). So it might make something spinnable, I guess. It does look a little on the frizzy side, but who knows?

Of course, in all the searching for reasonably priced carders I’ve got caught up in the fibre sections of various websites. Winghams is particularly hard to tear myself away from, but there’s quite a few interesting-looking fleeces up for sale on ebay too.



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