Cthulhu – not dreaming at all, but pottering around a back garden in Central Scotland.

(And hurray! Another FO!)

In its place, a new WIP –


I’ve taken the plunge with some of my handspun, the purple that was blogged here (dyeing) and here (spinning). I’ve only got somewhere around 100 yards of it, so I’m knitting the Omo scarf, with 25 stitches, on 4mm needles.

And trying not to be too nervous about the outcome.


I’m already wondering if I shouldn’t have cast on 31 stitches instead, though I expect to be blocking it into next week once it’s done. It’s 22 WPI, at the didn’t-quite-manage-a-laceweight end of fingering weight, which is why I’ve gone with the 4mm needles (the pattern calls for 4.5mm).

I’ve also started swatching for an idea for a baby toy. It’s very early days yet, but it’ll be one of my next patterns. That, and something with cables, though that’s even more vague and inchoate.. it’s not sure what it wants to be, and it may end up being two things.

Oh – and I’ve another peculiarclava experiment on the needles, but that’ll be a long time in the making, I expect.


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