See you on the other side…

Well, we’re getting ready for moving day, so this may be the last post I manage for a couple of weeks – hopefully less, if the broadband providers and the phone company can manage it.

Things are slowly disappearing into bags and boxes, but we did at least manage a semblance of normality for halloween, with a cobbled-together collection of spooky food –


I was particularly tickled by the eggy eyeballs, myself.


And we didn’t manage to get a pumpkin from the shop (and of course, my homegrown one ended up as mollusc food), so er, we made one from pizza.


Not much time for knitting, though, in all of this. I want to get my latest pattern-in-progress finished, but there’s no way that’s happening until after the weekend – we move Thursday, and the weekend’s going to see a bunch of us leaving for my sister’s hen night, in a castle on the shores of Loch Long.

‘It’ll all be done and dusted in three days’ is my current mantra. Back to the packing…


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