The Forms of Things Unknown..


Um, Merry Christmas?

I’m not usually a Christmas knitter. In fact, I’ve only once given a knitted gift at Christmas, and that’d originally been intended as a (November) birthday gift – it was the Broad Street Fetchens, blogged back at the end of last year. So that’s not a good track record for deadline gifts, so far.

I’ve changed my mind this year, for several reasons. Firstly, I’ve got a bigger stash currently than I’ve ever had before (the yarn pictured above being a portion of it – though a good portion – and not including the fibre. I’m not at the point where I’m contemplating spinning to knit for Christmas, yet. Which is probably a good thing.). It’s still not the size of some I’ve seen, but it’s considerable.

Secondly, I’m fairly certain they’ll go down well – this being the time of year people appreciate gifts of warm woollies. Thirdly, my sister is getting married this Christmas, I’ve already promised her a (blue) knit lace garter, and so there’s already Christmas knitting afoot, of a sort.

And last but most definitely not least, we’re picking up the keys to a new place tomorrow, and while it’s been so long in coming, and we’re looking forward to it, it will mean a good spell of belt-tightening. This Christmas promises to be homemade all round. We’re going to treat ourselves to a real tree this year though, and my eldest has been asking all year if we can string popcorn for some reason.. which is lucky, as homemade decorations have been a theme since last year, when it came time to put up the decorations and we realised we’d left all but the artificial tree itself behind when we moved eighteen months ago… but I digress.

The morass of wool above contains a few things which I’m fairly certain will become hats – the (unbanded) New Lanark 100% wool, at the back, and a couple of balls of handpainted-by-me BFL from –


and then there’s the grey Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran


…though there’s a good pound of that, so it might be best saved for a bigger project.

In the right front of that main photo you can see the eldest’s dyed superwash, blogged here, and a ball of the undyed, that may become a fairisle-type hat.. possibly. Also, in the centre, a couple of balls of RYC Cashsoft Aran that are likely hat-bound.

Then there’s the laceweights. More time-consuming, and less definite in their destinies.


This is the lace I spun a while back, and named Erica. It’s going to have to be something special, and something relatively small as there’s only 300 yards of it. But what, I’ve no idea. Possibly Carpathia? However, this is also my handspun –


Litha – and there’s even less of this, but probably enough for Carpathia. So.. that’s not helping the decisionmaking process, entirely.

I’ve got 200g of this –


.. it’s white, but the sun was setting as I took these last few photos – and it likely won’t end up being a gift for anyone but myself, but as I’m currently considering it as a possible wrap to go with the dress I’m wearing to my sister’s wedding, it’s going to be taking up some of that Christmas knitting time.

This is destined to become the aforementioned garter, and possibly something else too – it’s my Knit Picks Shimmer from ikisti, and I’ve got 880 yards of it –


And the same again in KP Gloss Lace (Bluebird).

And there’s a couple of teeny-tiny helpings of my first handspun, which might turn out to be quite useless due to the lack of yardage but which it’d be nice to use in something.



Also pictured in the main photo are a big wadge of Cashcotton 4ply (just in case I fall into some kind of a timewarp – though generally with the C word, that tends to happen in the not-so-good way – and I’ve suddenly got time to make someone a whole jumper), and a couple of skeins of Araucania sock wool – though I’m not sure if I’m taking on lace projects that I can cope with socks as well, I’m notoriously crap at getting through them. Andrew’s socks took the best part of a year.

And the green lurker at the back right is my current WIP. It’s going to be my next ravelry pattern, once it’s all worked up and out and all that. And it needs to be finished before any of the rest can start. I can plan projects while I knit up – ravelry’s pattern browser to the rescue! – but I have to share PC time with the other half at the moment, as my laptop got into a kerfuffle with a cup of tea two days ago, and is No More. Oops.

So, there we have it – big load of knitting, to be done in about eight weeks. I might even make a schedule, ha. And while this post isn’t incredibly related to the Outer Limits episode from which I drew the inspiration for today’s post, I can’t help but raise my eyebrows at the closing monologue from it.

Murder, madness, and other lurking horrors are the raw certainties that await you in the depths of the Unknown.

Fingers crossed the knitting doesn’t go that badly.


2 thoughts on “The Forms of Things Unknown..

  1. sparkbark

    My stash looks much the same! I just came across your blog accidentally but LOVE the knit bokaclavajr mask – thank you for sharing. Can I link to it from my blog? Thanks & good luck with your move (we’re moving 1000 miles away from where we currently live in a month or so!). xoxo, Lizabeth

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