Under the weather

It’s been a miserable day here today, which means the photos I’ve taken of my recent FOs – a couple of Bokaclavas, one standard and one small – aren’t quite as spangly as they could be… in fact, most of them haven’t turned out.

The small one’s looking good – actually, my eldest is only just on the upper limit that this will fit, as it’s intended for 18-20″, but my youngest daughter’s at the age where she won’t even contemplate wearing hats, let alone full-face balaclavas! These were taken in the bay window of the kitchen, where we had the semblance of daylight this afternoon –



That’s a very drizzly Glasgow filling up the background there. And eldest is looking slightly miffed, possibly because the Bokaclava I’d asked her to try on was not quite this side of all-dried-out after its handwash… um, oops.

I’ve a funny feeling that the days where I can ask her to model anything that isn’t obviously glamorous or fetching are numbered.


I’ll be putting the smaller pattern up on ravelry in the next day or so.

The main reason I got this blogged today was that I wasn’t fit for much else – think it was a passing cold bug, as I seem to have pretty much seen it off with an hour back in bed this afternoon (drastic measures for me – I was hoping a peaceful hour on the sofa with my knitting might’ve been plenty recuperative, but it wasn’t to be, and in fact knitting made me feel worse, argh). Hopefully normal service can be resumed tomorrow.


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