Renewed vigour

After Wednesday evening’s slight stumble, yesterday was a day of picking up, dusting off, and bounding onwards.

(Gratuitous photo of 18 month old daughter)


Shame the weather’s not as good as that today, mind you – there’s a blanket of drizzle over Glasgow. Tomorrow is forecast as sunny and warm, though, which hopefully means we can get back up the garden.

Today I’m mostly just bounding onwards (whilst keeping a beady eye out for potential hurdles). I spent yesterday evening giving my pattern one last look over, and submitted it to ravelry, and am now waiting to hear back from them.

I also had a go at submitting a credit card request online. I suspect this might be better done using a browser that isn’t Firefox, as after I’d spent ‘only ten minutes’ submitting all my information and pressed send, the little ‘sending’ caterpillar chased its own tail until I got tired of waiting and closed the window half an hour later.

Reading my last blog post back, I can’t help but notice (in amongst the doom, gloom and general grumpiness) that the right hand side of the banner I made for my shop has a distinct purple tinge to it. Now, I don’t know if I’d have noticed that had I not looked at it on a black background. But it definitely needs seeing to, so that’s on the to-do list.

The last thing I did yesterday was source some green yarn, for my next design project. Watch this space…


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