Quick! Break out the emergency chocolate!

My, but I’m mighty frustrated this evening. This may turn into a small rant.

I’ve been knitting, researching, photoshopping, and generally going mad trying to get an Etsy shop ready and open for business – the last 48 hours have been almost non-stop lets-get-up-and-running madness.

I got my item finished, washed, dried – took photos – wrote blurb. Finalised my shop name, knocked up banners, composed a profile. Filled with excitement, I registered myself with Etsy.

I’m animilimina (yep, I went with the thoroughly unpronounceable smart-arse shop name in the end… couldn’t help it – I love it to bits, and I’m a sucker for a palindrome). Don’t bother searching for my shop, though, as I fell at the last hurdle due to Not Owning A Credit Card.

I’m gutted. I have never wanted a credit card. I have a debit card, and it works just great. I use it to spend money that I have. I’m wary of spending money that I don’t.

Etsy wants me to have a credit card, not for spending money particularly, but so that it can check who I am. (Is this the only way to do this? I have a Paypal account.) Great, I guess I can apply for one – I suppose I ought to sort out that, and enquire after business accounts with my bank, now I’m doing the self-employed thing (though tbh, I wasn’t planning on being the next Richard Branson. The facial hair doesn’t suit me, for starters…).

I really should’ve known that the ‘if your debit card has a credit card logo on it’ wouldn’t apply to my little Maestro card with its pretend Mastercard picture… and I suppose I can apply for a credit card (if I get accepted – that’s really, really not a given, as I don’t have a full-time job, and my partner, working as he does for a well-known national bookseller/stationers/newsagents/post-office hosting store (ahem), is only on a part-time contract, not that he works part-time hours, but it’s obviously more convenient to someone that isn’t him to employ him that way…. and breathe….).

But, y’see, I’d had this cunning plan – I’d knit a couple of Bokaclavas in red, and pitch my first sales to the Hallowe’en-stuff buying customer. Might not’ve happened – but more likely to happen if I can list them sooner than the night before Hallowe’en, which isn’t likely if I’ve got to go through the whole process of applying for a credit card.

(But you know what… the most grumblicious thing in all of this, is that Etsy think it’s fine for me to register as a buyer without so much as a by-your-leave, letting sellers on Etsy decide whether or not to ‘risk’ Paypal only folk, but they won’t do business with me themselves unless they’ve got credit card details. I think I’ve picked up a slightly rose-tinted view of Etsy – mostly from ravelry, I think, there’s a distinct bias there against Ebay, in favour of Etsy… ebay would at least be happy to let me sell my wares on there. I’m considering this now – I’m also considering what the costs of just having a simple online shop of my own might be – though of course, Etsy has a huge advantage in its customer base…..)



I suppose there’s no better place to do this than my own blog, so now I’m going to indulge myself a little, and show off the work I’ve put in in the last few days.

(Click for fullsize goodness)

My banner, and avatar (which I have at least been able to use, as that’s part of my profile as a buyer) –



And the Demon Balaclava gallery, as modelled by me (not that you can really tell) –



Give us a twirl, demon lady!




See, now that feels better.


2 thoughts on “Quick! Break out the emergency chocolate!

  1. scoutingmom

    *puts a hex on Etsy for you*

    The bokalava looks great in the red. I like your unpronounceable store name BTW. I just wasn’t around PT to vote for it.


  2. mrspolyglot

    Sorry to hear about this nonsense.

    I resisted getting a credit card for years, but finally capitulated when I discovered that certain hotels in Aberdeen wouldn’t let guests stay without one. (What’s wrong with cash, I wonder?)

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