See! How she uses a spanner!

Louet - all ready to go

All put together (properly, I hope). Now I just need to figure out how it works.

D’ya see the tiny (and not so faint, in real life) arc of a scratch there? Youngest has made her mark (from before I attached the footman, apparently it had a good swingy action…. unfortunately, it has a scratchy bolt on the back of it). Also, the treadle makes a handy seat for a tiny bottom.

new sycamore spindle

A pic of the sycamore spindle I bought on Sunday. It’s very pretty, and I think tomorrow I’m going to dye up some more roving so I can try it out. Not sure what colours yet, though.


I’ve spun up the first half of the first half of this roving (halfway through the first single, in other words). This photo shows the variation in colours better than the previous one I took, there’s a good sample of the green there. I think it’s rather pretty.


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