Anyone seen the spanners….?

It’s here! My first wheel, a secondhand Louet S10, bought from a Dutch ebayer.


Smallest person in the house decided to interrupt her daily house-marauding to help unpack it.


It all seems present and correct… but I appear to be coming down with a cold, it’s miserable weather outside, and I think all the tools I own are outside in the car. Bleurgh.

So basically, it’s still in bits.

Also, I am going to have Brother Louie by Hot Chocolate stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

I’ve treated myself to a few other bits and bobs yesterday, too – on the way home from seeing my folks down the road, I nipped in at the open day and came away with a kilo of BFL sliver, and a new spindle.


2 thoughts on “Anyone seen the spanners….?

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