A mixed bag.

So, wheel update. I sent a message to the ebay seller I bought the wheel from, and she told me, no, you should definitely have received it by now, I’ll make enquiries… and to cut a long story short, now she’s filling out a misplaced whatnot form.

I’m sure it’ll all be resolved, but I’m a little concerned – because we’ve found a house we like, and next week are going to apply for it, and if it takes longer than a month to chase up that wheel, that’s a further complication. Assuming the agents like our references, that is.

Also, yesterday when I went to fill up the tank at Tesco, they had trouble getting the reader to read my debit card. This in itself was annoying, as it basically meant leaving the car on the forecourt and wandering down to the supermarket where the cash machines were, kids in tow, getting the cash out, and walking back and paying for it. We set off at least 15 minutes later than we could’ve, and all for the sake of saving £1.90 (I had a 5p off per litre voucher for Tesco petrol, usually I’d use the pay at pump things and I *know* my card works in those).

The guy in the petrol station made several attempts at getting my card to work before he suggested I go get the cash – today I checked my bank account, and there’s seven debits of £28.10 off of my account, and four credits back.

I’ve rung the bank, who say it’s just a matter of filling out the form they’re going to send (to my address in Glasgow, where I’m not going to be until Sunday), and then it’s up to 14 days before that gets sorted. I then rang Tesco, who said to check my account again after close of business today – and if it’s not been refunded back to my account by tomorrow morning, to ring back and speak to the petrol station manager.

I’m thinking the two that haven’t been refunded are the two swipes my card got in the slot at the side of the till rather than the card reader, so it’s possible they’ll just go through later, but sheesh.

Fingers crossed. For all of it.

In other news, I’ve just the ears and horns and sewing up to do on the first balaclava, and I’ve got this far with the roving I dyed a couple of days ago – you can’t see the various colours in there in this shot, it’s mostly just showing the dark purple (and it’s a bit dark anyway – really grotty day today), but it’s coming out with lovely peacock colours so far –



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