Still no sign…

I’m going to leave it till about 2pm this afternoon – the latest I think the parcel van tends to show up here – and if there’s still no sign of the wheel, I think I’ll pm the seller, see what’s happened. Another ravelry user that bought one from her a couple of weeks previously had theirs sent via Denmark, due to a mistake on the part of the postal service, and it’s only the seller/poster that is able to track packages.

My yarn arrived for the bokaclavas, and it’s all good, so the first one’s well underway. Need to get cracking with thinking of a name for my etsy shop, now!

I finished plying the last lot of spinning, and I managed to finally name the previous lot (the black/blue – it ended up as ‘Lithia’, because it reminded me of the evening skies up here in midsummer), and also name this one –


Erica, 2ply, 300 yards, 25wpi, about 45g.



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