I’m going slightly mad…

…as Freddie might say. Waiting for this wheel to come has scattered my brain.

Still, I’m making progress in other areas in an attempt to take my mind off it. The latest laceweight attempt, with the as-yet-unnamed lightpurpleyturquoisey roving is currently skeined up and sitting in a nice warm bath. And, realising that the all-day plying would soon mean nothing on the spindle, I dyed and dried another 50g of BFL. This was black and red – the Supercook ‘natural’ red – though I went mad and overloaded the dyepot, and then didn’t press it, or give it as long as I might’ve done, which produced an interesting effect –



(I used a flash – if you check the weather out of the window in the background there, you’ll see why.) Those greens and pinks came out of the black – not sure where all the red went, but suspect it tipped the usual turquoise you get out of the black into green, and then, um… who knows…

Yesterday the Shetland roving arrived from bluefaced.com (thanks Andy, it’s another package of squishy goodness). And the day before, the New Lanark 100% wool aran yarn I ordered for my balaclava knitting arrived. This, sad to say, was a bit disappointing – not just because on one of the balls, the first few yards were terminally underplied (I wound them off, will probably use it for seaming). It’s just too coarse to use for balaclavas – but this is the risk you take with a first-time online buy, I guess. Not sure what I’ll use it for, but I certainly won’t be making anything that’s intended for next-to-the-skin use – there will be no Limestone New Lanark pants.

Not to be undone by this, I spent yesterday afternoon scouring the internet for a bargain-priced source for the original yarn I made Andrew’s with – RYC Cashsoft Aran. (I might add at this point that the main reasons I went with this yarn initially were that it was the right colour, it was soft enough to wear against one’s face, and I found 5 balls of it in the John Lewis clearance bin, and got them for just a couple of quid each).

Had no joy with that (or the currently-controversial-in-the-US DB Cashmerino Aran), so checked out ravelry’s yarn browser, and came across Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran, which I managed to get hold of with only a little browsing about. Now, this could be tricky in future, as I suspect there are dwindling supplies of this now-discontinued yarn, but hopefully someone else has/will have a merino aran in the right shade should I need it in the future.

I wanted a couple of balls of a nice bright red in a soft yarn too, and bloomin’ eck, that wasn’t easy either (no one seems to like stocking a primary red wool, apart from anything else). I contemplated dyeing a couple of the cherished skeins of BFL aran that I’ve had now for about three years (I bought them when Andy was still selling them on eBay for about £25 a kilo), but couldn’t bring myself to do it – in the end my stash came to the rescue. I have a leftover ball of Sirdar’s Aran With Wool (now called Bonus, I think?), the remnants of the sweater I knit last year for my eldest (and which I’m about to rip the arms out of and *fix*, because try as I might, I can’t be happy with them the way they are). A moment’s nuzzling revealed it was plenty soft enough for a balaclava. Finding an online stockist of that wasn’t as easy as all that either – in the end I got a ball from a seller on eBay.

We’re out tomorrow, to look at another house (fingers and everything else crossed that it’ll be one we like, and we’ll be tenants the landlord likes, because I have to say I’m starting to get househunting fatigue). This fact alone should increase the odds of the postman coming, I’m thinking.


3 thoughts on “I’m going slightly mad…

  1. I love your dye results, just giving this dyeing lark a go myself.. steaming at the mo! hope mine turn out as neat as yours.. loved your tip on a pyrex bowl, will deffo try that next time 🙂

    Good luck with the house… hope you find the one!

  2. thingsandideas

    Thanks! The house we went to see last week was just too remote, sadly – the other ‘alf needs a bus stop. Saw one last night that seems like it might just fit the bill, though, so fingers crossed!

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