Happy distractions.

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks since my last post. I’ve had a couple of trips away (both to the north-east), and spent a while running about checking out houses – we’re moving.

So it’s not so much that I’ve been terribly snowed under with horrible things to do, more that inbetween doing all the busy stuff there’s not been so much time to be spinning, knitting and dyeing recently. Probably for the best, though, as apart from anything else, it means I can hopefully get this post done in one sitting.

I got the third of the lollipops plied and skeined, and started on the fourth –


The purple is something you could call laceweight –


..but I wanted to go even finer – this is the blue/black in progress –


The purple – which I’ve called Cairngorm – yielded 100yds, which was a good indication that I was getting there. These last two have been eerily close re length of singles – in both instances I was left with less than a foot, a fact which other members of my household seemed decidedly underwhelmed by, but one of which I felt inordinately proud. Or smug.

As I drew close to the end of this last roving, I thought I’d better dye up some more, and sharpish, lest I end up with nothing at all to spin (I know, I could spin the BFL as it stands – and I will, soon, I’m sure, if only to see what it spins like before I’ve put it through the steamer). And this time, I decided I’d make a dyelot with 50g of BFL, so that I might actually come close to making an amount that I could actually knit something with (strange idea, eh?).

This is the top –


And this is the bottom –


It’s a little paler than I could’ve coped with, tbh. I need to get more dye from somewhere, though – that was all the blue I had.

So, I finished up the blue/black, plied it, set the twist –


And here it is, all 170 yards of it (hurray!) –


I’m very pleased with it. It’s balanced, reasonably even, finer and yet softer than the Cairngorm. I’m still a bit flummoxed as to what to call it, mind.

And now I’m onto the light purpley-bluey thing. This is also defying any attempts at naming –


And blimey, it seems to be going on forever, though I’m done with this first spindleful, and on to the second single (I split it, as I intend to make it a 2ply).


I’m nearing the end now – I think I’ll spend part of tomorrow with the Supercook and the steamer, though I’m not sure what colours to go for just yet. (The fact that I haven’t yet replaced the blue I used up last time will doubtless have some bearing on it.)

And, um, I made some purchases recently – most notably, a secondhand (though reconditioned, I think) Louet S10. It’s coming from Holland, and hasn’t arrived yet. I’m on tenterhooks.. (I just looked this up, as I had a feeling the word had something to do with textiles, and yay, it’s suitably appropriate.)

I was in two minds – I nearly bought a spindle, as I’ve dropped my spindle many, many times in the process of trying to go as fine as possible, which has resulted in a not insubstantial crack, down from the hook (you can just about see it in the photo above, though it’s got a lot worse since that was taken). I can’t find the wood glue either, so at the moment the whole thing’s held together with a piece of sticky tape. I will buy a new spindle at some point, but for now, it works in its own wobbly way.

There’s also a nice bag of Shetland wool sliver on its way from bluefaced.com, and a couple of balls of New Lanark aran wool in Limestone, which are destined to be made into gargoyles, and become the first items in my etsy shop. After I think of a name for it, of course.


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