Busy, busy, busy…

…back from our holidays in the north east of Scotland, and while I didn’t get a whole load of spinning or knitting done while I was away, it’s been fairly rainy until today, so I’ve made a fair bit of progress into those previously-blogged Supercook-dyed BFL lollipops…


…in the past few days.

I started with the red/yellow, aiming for a reasonably fine weight (mostly due to the fact that there’s only 25g of each colour). My singles seemed fairly thin, and to my delight, pretty even –



And they plied up into this 2ply –

Most definitely *not* a laceweight. About 50 yards, 14wpi, which I think makes it about a DK or sport weight. (Though of course a true DK would be something like an 8ply, not a 2ply.)


Next up I tried the red/blue – attempting to spin finer again, and it seemed like I might have cracked it –


I made laceweight, but only by a whisker and in the loosest sense of the word. This is about 18-20 wpi, 68 yards of it.


As I plied it, though, I had an epiphany. I mean, I’d read that the act of S-twisting Z-twisted singles during plying balances out the twist, and I’m sure that I’d also read that this opens the singles out, making the resulting yarn softer, but it took plying this yarn to make the little lightbulb go on in my head as to why my finished 2ply was quite so much thicker in diameter than the sum of its singles would suggest.


I’d been hoping for a thin, reasonably tightly plied but still not too hard yarn – something like the laceweight I’m knitting with at the moment – and while it was nice yarn, this latest certainly wasn’t as fine as that. So I moved onto the purple, with my newfound knowledge, and am spinning as fine as I possibly can with the great big spindle I’ve got (yes, I’m considering purchasing a lighter one, but for the time being we’ll see how I get on with this one), and remembering to spin tight – hopefully tight enough –



I’m a third of the way through this roving, so it may yet be a day or two before I have a plied finished product to blog. (I’m being so tight with this stuff too – the last lot I halved really poorly, and to save myself being left with yards of unplied single I took the remaining one, wound it on to two cardboard toiletroll bobbins, did a bit of end twisting and carried on plying – and am now left with about a foot of unplied single. There’s thrifty.)

And just so I haven’t got absolutely nothing to knit, a couple of weeks ago I cast on the Adamas shawl, with the KnitPicks Shimmer I received from ikisti in the ravelry Who Knits? Jelly Baby swap in July. It’s lovely wool (though I probably should know better than to knit with it in the evening by lamplight after I’ve had a drink – several of these rows have been done several times over), and an interesting pattern, so far.


Yes, those are straight needles. I have only just purchased my first pair of Addi circular needles, and started using them the yesterday evening, after I took that photo. TBH, I like using straight needles – they’re what I’m used to, and their sturdiness and even-all-the-way-along-hold-open-your-stitches diameter makes for much easier counting than I found last night with the Addis. I suppose I’ll get used to them in time – I’m certainly liking the fact that they’re not as likely to fall out of my stitches while I’m not looking and make me squeak.

And now – it’s time to go up to the garden. I’ve not been up much in the last month, due to poorly cars, holidays, and bad weather, so we’ll see what we find when we get up there.


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