Woolly stuff and things.


So – new stash. Clearance wool, no less, from John Lewis. £47.50’s worth of Rowan Cashcotton DK for £11.50 – bargain. Not sure what it’s going to be yet, it’ll likely be something for one of the girls – time for a trawl through the patterns on ravelry, I suspect.


120 yds of laceweight spun from the roving dyed last week. I spun about half of the yellow/pink/gold on its own, tried various ways of mixing it with half the blue in the middle, and spun the end of the single with just the blue.




Off the spindle and on a cardboard bobbin – freeing my spindle up to ply those two singles. I’ve tried to spun them as loose as possible, and at a weight that when plied together will give something like an aran weight. I’m trying the loose-singles/tight-plying method I read about here and there on the internet this last week.


Marauders permitting, of course…


This is pre-washed, twist not yet set.


And heh, this is my improvised lazy kate. It works reasonably well, actually. You can’t quite see there, but I take the singles through the handle of the bottle carrier, and either side of the central bottle at the front. And then, um, under my foot, and over my shoulder…


It’s plied up to 27 yards, and is hanging in the bathroom drying at the moment. I’ve had to weight it, as it wants to twist back on itself slightly, despite a bit of a whacking about. I’m not sure if it’s far too overplied, if it just needs time to dry out properly, or if I didn’t whack it enough.

Lots of practise material arrived in the post this week though –


500g of lovely fluffy BFL from bluefaced.com. I think we’ll dye this up too – I just need to get some vinegar. I want to practise the dyeing – I have a horrible feeling that with the first batch, I might have partially felted a few areas… but I’m not sure. Still, there’s 25g of the BFL that came in my spindle kit left to use, so that’ll be my second attempt.

My biggest problem is that the actual spinning of the yarn is quite addictive, but I really need to make sure I keep reading, so I don’t end up wasting time and fibre… I think I’ll cast on something knitty today to keep my hands occupied. I’ve been umming and ahhing over the ‘perfect’ use for the yarn I’ve already got, and it’s getting silly – I need to just get on with it.


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