A week of firsts…


The first ABS sensor I ever fitted to a car.


My first dyed roving, with moral support provided by eldest daughter. We used turmeric and Supercook food colourings, and, um, set it with a spoonful of cider vinegar as we had no white vinegar in the house and I was raring to have a go… it was only 25g of roving – BFL, mind you.

And that’s the back of the Master’s head on the right, there.





My first reasonably even singles –


And here they are overplied to hell, argh –


I think it’s a light fingering weight, but it’s anything but soft, sadly. I think I have to get over my underplying paranoia… and knit swatches with everything I’ve produced so far, I think that’d be a useful thing to do.


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