Baa, humbug!

Sorry, that’s a terrible pun, but it’s what I’m calling my first yarn, heh.


Plied Welsh Black and grey Suffolk, and my Welsh Black single.


The grey and black remind me of school ties, for some reason. I want to get this knitted into something asap, but it’s taken an eternity to dry out properly – I’ve no idea what I’ll manage to knock up, and I’m amazed that I managed to squeeze almost 100g of wool into only 37 yards of yarn?! It’s incredibly thick and thin, and quite evidently my first yarn ever.


This one went a bit further. It was probably only a few grams, and I got 24 yards. It’s still not terribly consistent, but the consistent patches are much, much longer (mostly, it’s the middle).

I’ve now got a moorit Manx Loghtan on the spindle, and am spinning as fine as I can.

Might cast on something that isn’t a DW afghan square just to remind myself I’m a knitter, too…


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