It’s not really another hobby…

…it’s just an extension of an existing one. Honest, guv.


I finally had a go with the spindle and roving I bought last October. First attempt at a single, with some grey suffolk, was all over the shop – I definitely should have done more reading before I started spinning (as opposed to during it). Still, it looked like something you might be able to call string, even if ‘yarn’ seemed a bit generous.


Please bear in mind that the outside of this toilet roll of wool was the first bit to be spun (and be gentle with it).

Second single was with Welsh Black – this was a fair bit softer and straighter than the suffolk, and I found it much easier.


The extra practise was obviously helping, as was the extra bit of reading I’d done (still probably really not enough), as I found the spindle filled up, but I’d still got a fair bit of roving left. Relatively proud of my newfound skills (including not dropping the spindle every five minutes, and discovering that what I thought was cheating is in fact a perfectly valid thing called ‘park and draft’), and relatively proud of these fellas –


– I thought I’d use up that last bit of roving. I’ve joined a couple of groups on ravelry (the spindlers group, and one for beginning spinners), and feeling brave, thought I’d have a go at something thin – partly to see if I had more luck with that….



I’m fairly heartened by this – I do feel like I’ve got more of a clue now, and I do think I’ll try and spin the other roving (100g apiece of Bluefaced Leicester and Manx Loghtan) at a fine weight.

I’ve since plied the first two singles, in the hope that my multitudinous sins will be covered, and it becomes useful – it’s come up looking like a chunky wool, and there’s 39 yards of it, or thereabouts – and skeined and washed the resulting yarn, and the thin single (24 yds – not sure what use that is, to be honest), both of which are now hanging up in the bathroom drying. Skein photos later… or probably tomorrow, if my previous efforts at drying wool during a damp Glaswegian summer are anything to go by.


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