I am the eggman…. wooooo….

Sorry, but this weather we’re having makes me think of that line from ‘I am the Walrus’… except I’ve been out standing in the Scottish rain, for a change.

Since the last garden post, I’ve dug up around about a row’s worth of spuds – which has served us up a couple of meals worth of new potatoes.



Here they are – you see what I mean about stunted growth?


The ones on the left are the Swift, and I initially thought they were blighted – having since looked at my Expert book, I’m not so sure. It’s possible it’s magnesium deficiency (I didn’t add anything to the soil, in my desperation to get my gardening started this year). Of course it’s possible that’s just desperate straw-clutching by someone whose potatoes all have blight, ha. If it’s a soil deficiency, and not blight, my tomatoes will be fine as they’re in growbags. I have noticed that the Kestrels have a similar problem, just less severe, to the Swift, but so far the tomatoes look fine. Fingers crossed.

And there they are. No tomatoes on them yet (well, as of the weekend, which is when I took this).

The pumpkin, on the other hand….


….has a tiny pumpkin on it!


The sweetcorn looks like it’s finally starting to move, too –


And the overwintered Japanese onions (Senshyu Yellow, and Electric – they’re red ones) have all started falling over. I expect I’ll be digging them out soon. (Um, ignore that beetroot at the front. Beetroot and I haven’t got on for the last five years.)


The Dads-chillies seem to be growing happily –


And the, um, other ones (not sure what they are as I mixed up the tags when repotting, oops) have peppers on.


I planted the calabrese out, finally –


Since I took these photos I’ve also stuck the Redbor kale in where I took those Swift spuds out, too, and put the overwintering caulis and tuscan kale seedlings into the nursery bed.


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