This week’s theme is….

mostly rain. So here’s a few photos I took, er, since the last lot.


The view from the potting shed. Note the pile of sawn-off tree parts at the back that need sorting – they’re actually various useful sizes, so I’m intending to trim them and store them in the shed for beanpoles and peasticks. Once it stops raining, that is.


Two of the pepper plants started from dad’s chillies – I think these are both the medium ones? He did tell me what variety they were, but I didn’t write it down and so I’ve forgotten.


Netted strawberries… though that’s not going to stop the slugs and snails from eating them…


…like they did the middle one of my three cucumber plants (thank goodness they’re Marketmore and didn’t cost me £1 a seed). I’m looking on the bright side, as I think that three to a growbag probably counts as overcrowding – hopefully the other two will get away before they get munched too.


I planted the other two shop-bought chillies into the bed alongside the first two I stuck into the front-of-shed-bed – you can see one of them to the left of the photo, the other is under the netting (it’s just about visible in the third photo down on this page).


Tomatoes and strings and canes… they seem to be doing ok, so far.

So. I visited the garden yesterday, and since these pics were taken the weeds have certainly got away to a good start, if nothing else has (by god but the sweetcorn looks sad… seems like neither they nor the cucurbits have done any growing at all in the last couple of weeks). Did a little hoeing yesterday among the onions and garlic, and most of the shallots.

Worst of all, though – it seems all the Swift potato plants have blight. I noticed one of them looking suspicious a couple of weeks ago, and now the whole 3 rows look decidedly unwell. I’m really annoyed, because I’m certain it’s from the seed – the three rows of Kestrel alongside look good and healthy, at least for now. That’s the most annoying thing, actually – the Kestrel will no doubt all come down with it now. And then there’s the tomatoes a few feet across from them.

So early in the season, too – it’s very frustrating. Next time I go up I’m planning to dig out the Swift. I’m not expecting there to be anything there – the plants never took off from the time they emerged, and have never been as big as the Kestrel alongside (at first I put it down to maybe a varietal difference in the plants, or something, but now I’m starting to wonder….). Obviously this damp weather we’ve had recently has just been ideal for the blight to take off.

One positive to all this is that I have a bunch of brassicas that want going into final positions, and up till now had no space dug for them, what with being away during the decent weather we’ve had in the last week or two – looks like they’ll be going in where those tatties were, now.


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