And the good news is…

…I had a lovely surprise in the post!


From ikisti – my mysterious anonymous commenter, hee – as part of the ravelry Who Knits? group’s Jelly Baby swap, which has been my first ever yarn swap ever, and hopefully won’t be my last. It’s a lovely idea, and I’ve had as much fun working out what to put in my parcel as I’ve had getting a mystery gift from the other side of the world.

(Actually, ikisti, I like the fact your name has ‘kist’ in the middle of it, which is the Scots word for chest – your parcel was a proper treasure chest.)

There’s two skeins of Knit Picks’ Gloss Lace in Bluebird, and two of their Shimmer yarn in Blue Glass, which I’m so pleased to get – I’ve looked at both of these yarns while browsing the patterns, and people’s projects and stashes on ravelry. And they’re such beautiful blues.

Plus, as a UK knitter, Knit Picks is out of bounds to me – it’ll be nice trying these out.

As well as this, though, there’s some lip balm (v. handy, I’m down to about the last millimetre or two of the Weleda lipbalm I bought several years ago – I don’t get through a lot of the stuff, certainly, but it’s something that I can’t do without, at the same time), and several bars of chocolate – um, a couple of these have already been munched.

In other good news on the knitting front, there’s been progress with the Bokaclava – I eventually solved my ear problem, deciding on a point up vaguely lopsided triangle going into a circle knit in the round (I will eventually write up my notes for this silly hat, just in case anyone’s daft enough to want to have a go at one too, and for reference). I stitched them in, partway –




And then stitched them over and round at the back… but unfortunately, didn’t manage to get them identical, so I’ve had to unstitch one of them – here’s what the good one looks like –



4 thoughts on “And the good news is…

  1. guenknits

    Wow, that’s a really amazing project! I’ve considered going as a gargoyle for Halloween for a few years now, something like this could be just the thing!

  2. thingsandideas

    Well, I *will* be posting the pattern up once it’s finished – obviously it’s been designed to fit my other half’s noggin, but I don’t suppose much tweaking would be required, and it might be useful to see what techniques I used here and there if nothing else (and to learn from my mistakes, too).

    That’s assuming getting this second ear to match doesn’t finish me off first, of course…

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