June planting

Well, that’s it all in now. I didn’t manage to get another growbag, just a 20 litre bag of compost, so I’ve chopped that in two and planted the biggest two of the chillies in there and potted up the rest. These are the non-shop-bought chillies – they came from seeds taken from the ones dad gave me last summer, and as such are only known as ‘med chilli’ and ‘large chilli’ (none of the ‘small chilli’ seeds germinated, sadly). As it stands they could all be from the same plant, but we’ll see what we get.


I ended up making holes in the ends of the growbags and sticking half of my basil in there, and have dotted the rest of it, and the parsley and marigolds, here and there about the garden wherever there was a suitable gap. I took this photo on the 4th, so there’s no basil in, and no canes either as I didn’t remember to take my string with me until yesterday.

Managed to get a photo for comparison, and have scribbled on it again (click on them to go to the flickr page for larger images).


It turns out that I’d underestimated the amount of room I had.. and possibly overestimated the amount of shallots I’d end up putting in, and the least said about the amount of digging I’ve got done the better. I’m still not sure whether to just put the brassicas in where the potatoes come out, and I haven’t decided where next year’s garlic will go… but I’ve got a little bit of time to think about that yet. Still not sure if I’m going to manage some beans, or where they’ll go, either.


To the right of the picture there you can just about see the leaves on all the prunings (some of which were the size of small trees) that Andrew took out of the ‘hedge’ this week, and the big pile of dirt in the foreground is the accumulated roots that I’ve pulled out of the beds – mostly rosebay willowherb and the dreaded Equisetum. I’ve got a black plastic bin full of water and decomposing roots up by the water barrels – the plan being to rot it all down, dig it in/pour it onto the beds, then refill it with roots from that pile, and more water. I’m hoping the manky root-water will have some kind of fertilising properties, which would be a useful side-effect of disposing of all those roots, though I have a bit of reading up on that (or a letter to Bob Flowerdew) to do first.


One thought on “June planting

  1. jellybaby-stalker

    garden is looking lovely. I can’t wait to get my hands in dirt again. Your package will be posted this week. 🙂 I’m excited for you to get it.

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