Quick! Plant it all out, now!

It’s a new moon today though, so although I’ve been to the garden it was just a little bit more digging, and a good bit of hoeing. The horsetail is under control, would you believe? (Of course, I haven’t done anything silly like go away for a week in warm, damp weather yet, so we’ll see how long that lasts, eh?)

And I haven’t put anything in for a while – I have a horde of tomatoes, cucurbits, peppers and herbs poised for tomorrow and Thursday, when the waxing moon sidles into Cancer. Pure luck, really, but I’m chuffed that the first week of June has coincided with this, and some reasonably pleasant temperatures.

So far I’ve only got the one major bed (almost) completely dug. The last time I made an entry about the garden, there was just a row or two of overwintering onions and garlic in there, so at least there’s a noticeable difference.

The photos from January are already on the blog, but just for the sake of comparison I’ll repost them here –

allotment jan 2008 - onions & garlic

Just the onions and garlic. By May, I’d got the potatoes and shallots in –


The potatoes are at the top of the bed – a couple of rows apiece of ‘Swift’ and ‘Kestrel’. The ‘Swift’ went in on the 19th of April, and the ‘Kestrel’ followed in two stages, two rows on April 26th, the third on the 1st of May.

This is what they looked like mid-May –


As for the other half of the bed – on the 16th I planted out 23 sweetcorn plants (‘Lark F1’), and on the 22nd planted a pumpkin (the last of the Orbit F1 seed I bought four or five years ago) –


I also earthed the potatoes up, which made them look a lot better (I probably could’ve done this earlier, and only missed them getting a frosting a week or so before by sheer luck, as far as I can tell)…


…and weeded out the bed by the shed –


(Click the thumbnail below to see what it looked like before..)


I was hoping to finish off this post with a comparison of the sketchy plans I posted up in January with the reality of the planting so far, but I don’t have a photo taken from quite the same angle, so I’ll try and get one tomorrow… after I’ve planted out the pile of stuff in the shed.


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