Catchup time.

Well, various reasons for it, but this blog has become infested with cobwebs. Right now I’m sitting here blogging on dialup – hopefully this’ll change in the next few days.

Much of the work I’ve done on the garden has been preparatory so far, and my knitting hasn’t been terribly prolific either so there’s not as much to report as there could be – still, I’m going to split the post in two, for ease of tagging.

Seeing as my last post was knitting, I’m going to start with that, for continuity’s sake. I *did* block the bird’s eye shawl, though in the end I opted to just pin lightly. I read stuff here and there, and realised that actually, this project didn’t call for heavy blocking. And I’ve heard that the traditional way to block a shawl in some parts of Scotland was simply to lay it out under the mattress and sleep on it overnight – no pins required. In the end, I went for a halfway solution – here’s a few photos, click to embiggen…



I also cast on and knit up a pair of trousers for Heidi, but I have to say I was surprised at how badly they pilled. They’re not longies, but they’re designed with cloth nappies and a wool cover over the top in mind.


Andrew’s socks are continuing apace (just a bog standard Wendy’s Toe Up job, knit with a Regia sock yarn), but the most interesting thing I’m knitting atm is this…. I give you, the Bokaclava!


No, really. It’s giving me a lot to think about, particularly the ears. I knit it in the round up as far as the ears, at which point I split it to straight needles, knit up the rest of the face – the mouth and nose were created by knitting across scrap yarn, removing and picking up stitches, the eyeholes by simply casting off several stitches and then casting back on on the row back across. The brow was made using short rows, followed by ribbing. The back of the head was knit straight up to the horns (which were scrap yarn rows as well), and joined to the ribbing at the front – so now I have two holes either side of the head – like this –


Those ears have given me pause for thought… but I’m thinking short row type shenanigans, increases, and rib, for the time being. I’ve got a thing cast on, but I think it’s headed for Frogsville (luckily at only 8sts at cast on, that’s not the most painful thing in the world).

There’s lots of other bits of finishing to do, like stuffing the horns and things, and then hopefully it won’t look quite so much like a demon teletubby…


One thought on “Catchup time.

  1. stalker

    Hello JellyBaby Swapper. I’m your stalker. And I must say you are most talented to try and make this demon out of knitting.

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