Blocking block.

This was going to be a post about my first attempt at blocking, on the Bird’s Eye Shawl I’ve finally got completed (bar a little weaving in of two or three ends). However, the reading I’ve done in the last couple of days has convinced me that if I’m going to do it, I might as well make sure I do it with as much of the appropriate equipment as possible. This way, if it all goes horribly wrong I can at least feel safe in the knowledge that it’s not because I rushed it and cut corners.

So. I’ve got 200 T-pins on the way (ordered from someone on ebay, for the grand sum of £2.93 including postage), and am going to spend this week tracking down some welding rods or similar, to use as wires.

I can make a halfway-respectable knitting related post, though, as I did finally get the camera out.

So. This is the unblocked shawl –

birdseye pre-blocking

Those are 15cm/6″ rulers – I suspect it’ll block out to be about 5′ across the top. Maybe.

I managed to get back to John Lewis and pick up a few balls of something before it all disappeared – knew I should’ve snaffled some of the reduced kidsilk haze when I first spotted it as that’d all gone, but there were still these to tempt me into spending my cash on clearance bargains –

clearance rowan cashsoft - mist

clearance rowan cashsoft - cream

clearance rowan cashsoft - oat

This isn’t entirely random purchasing of wool (honest). Some of the grey is going into what we’ll just refer to as ‘unusual headgear’ for now, and um…. the other colours seemed complementary, so I bought them too.

And this is going to be a jumper or jacket for the littlest member of the house –

cygnet superwash merino

fyberspates 100% silk

And this… is going to be something lovely, and silky, and lacy.


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