Back to the garden, at last.

Well, I was nervous as to what we might find when we finally got up to the allotment, but my fears proved to be entirely unfounded – there was only one newly broken windowpane (our house fared only as well as this in the 70+ mph winds we had in Glasgow this week). There’s now a grand total of four that need mending, but I’ll probably wait until March before I bother thinking about fixing them, just in case we’ve more wild weather ahead.

So, this is what the allotment looks like now –

allotment jan 2008 - onions & garlic

Biggest two beds

Obviously there’s still a lot to do, but there’s time, I think (I’m nothing if not overly optimistic at this time of year, heh).


And this is a first rough attempt at the plan for the year. Normally this gets written down on a bit of graph paper, and then rubbed out and moved about, for various reasons… so we’ll see how far removed from my winter scribblings the garden turns out to be (the writing’s a bit small at that size, but if you click the photo it links to my flickr page, and there’s a larger size there).

The pink-red circles there are where the two front broken windows are (there’s one in the back, and one large one on the end, too… not to mention the bits of roof that need sorting out).

I haven’t included any space for chillies so far, because I’m not sure where or how I’m going to grow them yet. Looking at the pic now, I can already see where I will probably make a change – if I grow the chillis out of doors, then they’d be better served next to the shed than the gherkins, for instance. There’s plenty of room where the corn and courgettes are going, so the gherkins could move up there.

There are also two beds running either side of the middle two, each of which are about five or six feet wide – I think they’re going to wait until next year before I do anything with them. Currently, one contains probably twenty-odd saplings, which need to come out before they get too much bigger, really. I was thinking of grassing over part of one of the beds, for the kids to play on… but we’ll see.

So, that’s about it for the garden at the mo. I need to place a few orders for seeds, but I haven’t got round to having a good proper surf for those yet. And I’d like to get hold of some kind of waterproof sheeting to go with the couple of feet of rubber mat I’ve currently got laid down to keep the water off the patch I’m trying to get dug, so I can get more done – dad suggested looking out for builders’ merchants, and I’ve found a Travis Perkins, but I’m not entirely sure atm what suitable stuff they might have.

There’s another knit-flavoured entry coming up next – I managed to add to my stash, cast off the shawl, and start a pair of socks in the last few days, so the camera needs to come out… and I need to make my first serious attempt at blocking.

[edit – you’ll notice the complete lack of a list of seeds here. Ah well… ]


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