We do gardening, too.

It’s that time of year. Time to take stock of what seed I have, what I need to buy in, and to plan where I’m going to put it all. This year things are a little out of the ordinary in that I have a new garden and I’m not really sure how much space I’m going to have at various stages of the year.



There’s a little bit of previous planting history to consider, in that there were tatties and a few brassicas (and the odd bit of lettuce here and there, but that’s by the by) in the bed at the foreground of the photo above. That one’s already got onions and garlic set in it for the most part of it now, though, and I’ll use the remainder of it for shallots, I expect. I’m planning on doing a *lot* of shallots this year, as I like to have some for cooking with, and my eldest daughter has developed a taste for pickled onions that’s going to take some satisfying. We’re getting through almost a jar a week at the moment… I need to take the camera with me the next time I make a garden visit, and take some more recent photos – those were taken last autumn.

So.. that said, there are some things that I consider necessities – garlic (which is already in), tatties, the aforementioned shallots, and my favourite hungry gap brassicas, purple sprouting broccoli and kale. A quick scout through the seeds reveals I’ve run out of kale seed altogether. I could’ve sworn I at least had a pack of Dwarf Green Curled from Dobies still in there – but as these were among the first seeds I bought, about six or seven years ago, if they haven’t already run out I probably ought to buy more anyway.

It’s given me pause for thought though, in that while I know I want to buy more Tuscan kale in, I might try out another more unusual variety. I’ve heard that Red Russian is among the tastiest you can buy – it also seems that it’s one of the harder ones to come by. Certainly, I’ve not seen it in local garden centres, so it might be an online purchase. There’s others out there that I’m not sure about, so I’m going to have to do some kale research.

Y’know… I was reading one of the Yarn Harlot‘s books over Christmas – At Knit’s End – and at one point she recounts that she once commented to her husband, who was lamenting her obsession with knitting and yarn, that it could be worse – she could be fascinated by cabbages. Spare a thought for my other half…..

….mind you, he has quite an unsmall collection of test card music, so it’s possible we’re well suited to one another.

Next gardening post’ll be a quick stock-take of seeds.


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