Out with the old, in with the new…

Well, 2008 is here, and I’ve got two FOs to report.

First, the mittens. They were well received (phew), and they looked like this –


More importantly – they fitted her nicely.

I did rip back the thumbs, make them fingerless (that can’t be right, surely), and add a little flip-top the same as on the main body of the mitten.

The other finished object is one that I’m so glad is finally off the needles. It turned into a race against a growing child towards the end (I bought the wool a year ago, and cast on a few months ago). And it’s a ‘copy’ of one I knocked up for her a few years ago, except in a larger size (obviously), and (more frustratingly) in a different weight of wool – the original was DK, this is an aran weight.



On seeing the jumper worn, I’m not entirely convinced that I’ve knit enough rows past the opening for the neck, and the armholes seem a little tight. However, it’s yet to go in the washing machine (don’t panic – it’s only 20% wool, and will mostly be used for keeping warm at the garden, so it needs to be washer friendly). I *am* kind of sick to the back teeth of knitting it now, though, so I’m hoping it comes out of the wash loose and comfy (though despite my misgivings as to its peculiarities, I’m reliably informed that it’s comfy and warm anyway – I just think it looks a bit funny).

It’s going in the machine this afternoon, and I shall be performing various small rituals in the hope of a successful outcome in the meantime.

I need to start some new projects – I only have one left unfinished, and I have several different ones planned, yarn bought and all (possibly photos later… more realistically, they’ll appear in the next week or two). First though, I need to do some garden planning, as tomorrow is going to be spent at the local Dobbies, buying the jumper’s owner some goldfish, and browsing the seeds and tatties aisles… I might even do two blog posts today, if I make some noteworthy decisions later.


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